Client Testimonials

We began working with Joley in 2013 when my grandmother required nursing home placement. She truly was a godsend. We had no idea how to proceed with the Medicaid application process. Joley gave us clear explanations of how everything worked and every step we needed to take. She is prompt. She has been available to us since then for the renewal process and to help sort out issues and bumps along the way. She has provided us with excellent legal counsel. She also is very personable. We feel like she took the time to get to know us as people not just as clients. We feel she truly cares about our situation as well as my grandmother. She helped us work through a process that is very overwhelming and stressful and was supportive and caring of us during an emotional life changing event. For that, we will always be grateful. – J&CB 2017

After months of trying to find an attorney who could help guide me through the multitude of the confusing Veterans and Medicaid regulations, I was so fortunate to find Joley. Joley was able to quickly assess my father’s situation and develop a plan to address the various issues relating to the sale of my parents’ home and the impact of that on their Medicaid benefits and my father’s VA benefits. In working with Joley, I found her to be knowledgeable, experienced, encouraging in working with me and incredibly caring and polite to my father. Joley was clearly my lifesaver in the midst of a confusing and difficult ordeal in trying to understand and comply with these regulatory agencies. I can’t thank Joley enough for all her compassionate help and guidance that allowed us to finally resolve this situation. – CB 2017

Joley was especially instrumental in the preservations of my assets while my husband was in a nursing home. This is a very frightening chapter of life that no one wants to confront. She is consistently thorough and competent on addressing the many unexpected situations that arise. Whether that is with Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, etc., Joley goes above and beyond. She traveled to my home to meet with me when I couldn’t go to her. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Joley as my Elder Lawyer. – KH 2017

In 2015, I had the pleasure of meeting Joley Steffens through my work. At the time, I was in need of legal assistance and had no idea where to turn. After getting to know Joley, it became obvious to me that she would certainly be someone I’d be willing and able to trust. This came at a time when my faith in people had been challenged. Her kind demeanor and caring response to my situation proved that I had made the right choice. She handled my case with professionalism and clear communication skills. When the situation called for assertiveness, it was handled. She’s bright, knowledgeable and a credit to the title “Attorney.” The end result was exactly what I had hoped for. I’m happy for the opportunity to share my experience and have confidently referred her services to other family members. She was truly an angel when I really needed one. – BM 2017

It is without hesitation that I recommend Joley Steffens as a caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable attorney for elder care needs. I had the uncomfortable task of managing the transition of my grandmother from a family home to an assisted living facility. Joley was patient as she helped me understand the ins and outs of the process, what information I needed to provide, and she served as a connector between the DSS and me. I could not have completed this work without her help. Thank you Joley! – AW 2017

If you are in need of legal counsel, I highly recommend Joley Steffens. She is an exceptional attorney. From our first meeting, she demonstrated exceptional legal knowledge and expertise. Joley was anxious to put my mind at ease and worked swiftly to resolve my issues. She is ethical, energetic and reliable. Adhering to the “letter of the law” is the most important aspect of her profession and Joley does that with legal integrity, grace, and personal compassion. – AS 2017

I was gifted when I needed an attorney for elder law for my mom and found Joley L. Steffens who practiced under Thompson McMullan, P.C. back in June 2015. She is not only very professional but also cares for her client at the same time. She has been handling my mom’s medical insurance issues for just about two years. I would recommend Ms. Steffens for anyone who needs an attorney for themselves or family and cares about the respect and professionalism that they will receive from their attorney. -JG 2017

Joley Steffens has everything you could want in an experienced, knowledgeable and caring elder law attorney. At our first meeting, she had every single quality I was looking for professionally and personally in an attorney to take care of the important matters – including problems related to health care, long term care planning, and Medicare/Medicaid issues – for my precious and beloved parents. As a professional, she has a strong commitment and sense of purpose. Joley listened patiently in order to understand my needs and concerns, displayed very high moral character, and expressed wonderful and similar family values. After she addressed all my worries and questions, Joley proceeded to execute a mutually agreeable plan of action, which included timely updates. Joley understands the personal and financial hardships of being a caretaker and is more than reasonable for her services. I could not be more satisfied with all the work which she accomplished. Joley is also a great role model for her co-workers. My wife and I later found out that she is frequently recognized by her peers for excellence in her work. We both think the world of her; and would highly recommend her to all our family and friends when they need to hire an elder law attorney. – B&CL 2017

Joley was a huge help to my family when we were navigating my grandmother’s hospitalization, rehabilitation, and end-of-life care. Her thorough knowledge of Medicare and insurance rules, as well as her ability to deal with the hospital administrators, were a huge help and relieved a significant burden during a very difficult and stressful time. We are very thankful to have had her on our side and would highly recommend her. – CH 2017

We are writing this recommendation because we are so impressed with attorney, Joley Steffens.   My husband and I are senior citizens who weren’t getting the service and care needed in the handling of our case by another law firm. After talking to several well established Virginia lawyers, we found Attorney Steffens through a fellow Virginian in Lynchburg, who had used her and had gotten great results. He told us she specializes in elder law and couldn’t say enough about her. He described her as a professional, knowledgeable and capable attorney who was also caring and respectful. We sure found those sentiments to be true when we called her and told her our story and she took us in.   Her compassion resonated through the phone as we shared our plight with her.   Attorney Steffens was a great listener, took copious notes, understood Virginia law in these matters and demonstrated a great grasp of the relevant facts. We were overjoyed that she was well prepared and ready to fight for us.   Her presentation of the facts left nothing to be desired by the judge. We were thrilled with her performance and the judges’ decisions. Both the claims were dropped and dismissed with prejudice in our favor!   She is now our “go to lawyer” for all legal matters. Anyone looking for an energetic, compassionate, capable lawyer who will work hard for you, I advise you to contact the law office of Joley Steffens. She is an awesome lawyer. – R&EM 2017

There are many excellent Elder Lawyers out there. The reason to retain Ms Steffens is that she takes every case as a personal challenge to resolve. I had a complex case involving two states which was resolved to my satisfaction. During that process I was made POA for another relative and Ms Steffens took on the additional work, with enthusiasm and caring. If you are fortunate enough to cross her path feel confident that she is the best. -RA 2017

It was a pleasure to work with Joley. She was professional, knowledgeable, and expedient. She kept me updated and checked in with me to see how things were progressing. Joley is friendly and outgoing. She exceeded my expectations. A great person to have on your side. -SP 2017

I hired Joley Steffens in 2014 to represent me during the guardianship case for my grandmother. At the time I hired Mrs. Steffens, I had only a minimal understanding of the guardianship process. I knew that my grandmother, who was incapacitated, was in need of someone to make safe, competent decisions on her behalf. While she had an alleged POA at the time, my grandmother’s best interests were not at the center of decisions being made. I felt compelled to help my grandmother because she deserved better care, I felt I was the best person for the task. From our initial conversation, Mrs. Steffens was very professional and compassionate. She started working on my case immediately. Within the first week, Mrs. Steffens made contact with the nursing facility in which my grandmother was living, as well as began filing paperwork with the court. Mrs. Steffens took the time to walk me through the process, easing my anxiety. In court, Mrs. Steffens was very organized, and well prepared. She was able to articulate my case to the judge so eloquently, highlighting the facts of the case. Mrs. Steffens’ efforts were successful, and I was able to become the legal guardian and conservator for my grandmother. Even after guardianship was awarded, Mrs. Steffens was always available to answer questions regarding my grandmother’s estate. I felt confident in the decisions I made due to the advice I received from Mrs. Steffens. When my grandmother passed away in March 2017, Mrs. Steffens expressed her condolences, and offered her continued assistance in helping me to settle my grandmother’s estate. Mrs. Steffens’ understanding of elder law is impeccable. Hiring Mrs. Steffens was absolutely one of the best decisions I could have made, not only for my grandmother, but my entire family. – KAW 2017

I have had the privilege to retain Attorney Joley Eason-Steffens as my legal advisor on several occasions. Each time I found her to be very qualified, professional and proficient in handling my business. She is very personable; a caring person who is always concerned about the needs of her clients. She has proven herself to be a reliable and honest attorney. Mrs. Steffens is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend her to meet your legal needs. – JA 2017

We hired Ms. Steffens to help us through the process of applying for Medicaid for my grandfather, finding nursing home care for him and transferring him there, and dealing with his assets. The Medicaid application process is lengthy and complicated, and she eased us through it. She walked us through how we could legally set aside some of his funds for funeral expenses. She also drew up a power of attorney, will, and healthcare proxy. These required my grandfather’s signature and she traveled to us for that, rather than requiring us to bring him to her office. We were impressed that she made certain he understood and agreed to what he was signing. Ms. Steffens was responsive to all our calls and e-mails, even the few questions that we had months after my grandfather eventually passed away. We suggest hiring an elder law attorney when helping a senior relative work through these complicated times, even if that person does not have many assets to protect. It’s all just so complicated, especially since it’s new to most of us, and possibly an emotional time as well. And we highly recommend Joley Steffens in particular. She was warm, caring, responsive, so knowledgeable about different aspects of elder law, she had many helpful contacts to share with us, and she was all around fantastic to work with. – ML 2017

Joley has been extremely helpful over the last few years. Literally overnight I found myself appointed as POA for my father when his health experienced a rapid decline. Joley was able to meet with me on quick notice to answer some basic questions I had regarding the handling of my father’s affairs. Over the last few years of my father’s life, Joley was available to meet in person, converse via phone and text as needed. Upon his passing, she has continued to be a reliable and useful source of legal advice and guidance in handling the intricacies of his estate. I’m thankful for the always-available assistance and to have worked with such a friendly, approachable professional. – JG 2017

A big thank you to Joley Steffens! Joley was there to help our family set up and obtain a trust fund for our disabled daughter. She was also by our side for over a year while working on acceptance to the VA Birth Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program. Joley is the most caring and passionate person and was always there when we needed her. Thank you for everything you have done for our family! – EC 2017

I was referred to Joley by an estate attorney I had and I’m so glad I hired her. The estate attorney wanted to set up my father’s estate into the wrong type of trust. Joley caught this and advised us of the correct trust and saved me from a financial nightmare. She also advised me of other issues that I wouldn’t have known about had I tried to do this process on my own. I would recommend her to anyone in need of this type of service. – RH 2017

Joley Steffens is very knowledgeable of the law. She asks all the right questions and is very thorough. Whenever you have a question or need something, she gets back to you quickly. She is on your side, and that’s the most important thing for every client to know. – JM 2017

Joley assisted my late sister in her estate planning. Joley was a ray of sunshine to Joan during the end of a long fought battle against Cancer. Joley is very personable and kind. She showed Joan great compassion. My family is forever grateful to Joley for expert guidance. – EL 2016

Joley came highly recommended by my wife’s co-worker as a caring and professional attorney to help with my mother’s estate planning. She definitely did a wonderful job educating and explaining the various options to be considered, allowing my mother, sisters and myself to make the best decision. Joley even helped me over a year later with an unrelated issue. She is a truly caring and knowledgeable attorney that I will continue to recommend. – BB 2016

Joley was instrumental in helping my daughter and I navigate through a very difficult process in applying for Medicaid and Estate Planning. During a very emotional and stressful time when we needed guidance, she was extremely efficient while displaying genuine care and compassion. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities as an attorney. I have, without any reservations, recommended her to family and friends. – ZH 2016

My health insurance agent introduced me to Joley when I told him about what I needed. From the very first meeting with her, she did more for my wife and me in just one month than anyone else had done in a year or more. Joley is everything you would want in a lawyer. She’s great!!! – JM 2016