Professional Endorsements

We cannot thank Joley enough for all she has done for our cancer patients and their families and what she continues to do for them.

CancerLINC- Legal Information Network for Cancer- was founded 21 years ago to make volunteer legal (and financial) services available to cancer patients who can’t afford those services. CancerLINC recommends cancer patients for pro bono assistance through our network of volunteers if they are low, very low, or extremely low income according to the HUD guidelines, which are considerably higher than the legal aid guidelines. As such, CancerLINC serves vulnerable cancer patients who cannot afford and attorney and otherwise would not be eligible for assistance through a licensed legal aid organization because of income.

During the past years, Joley has helped many of our cancer patients pro bono and has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She will visit them in the hospital, at their home, in hospice, or wherever is most convenient for them. Most of these documents are life planning documents, and in some cases, when the client has passed away, Ms. Steffens will help the family with any ongoing estate issues. We have received many outstanding comments from our clients on Joley’s compassion and caring for the family during this challenging time.

On many occasions, Joley will visit a previous CancerLINC client to bring them dinner or buy them groceries. Three years ago, Joley invited us to meet her for dinner at one of our clients’ homes who had terminal liver cancer. She took the time earlier in the day to cook a Thanksgiving-like dinner complete with turkey, dressing, potatoes, and all the other trimmings for the family because she cared and wanted to spend time with the client and his family at his home. This gentleman has since died, and Joley has kept in touch with the family. On another occasion, Joley bought groceries to a client’s house because she had no food to eat.

Joley does not hesitate to do the right thing in a personal and caring way. Many people might handle the pro bono work, and then walk away to the next client or case, but not Joley. Each client becomes a valuable friend to her.

There is no doubt that some people harbor negative impressions about lawyers. Many television shows and movies portray lawyers as ruthless, uncaring individuals who are in this profession just to make money. Joley is the antithesis of this picture. Even though Joley is very busy in her personal practice, she takes on many pro bono cases and spends hours of time working on them. She considers these pro bono cases to be just as important as the revenue generating cases in her law firm. The minute you meet Joley you can feel warmth and sincerity generating from her. Once you get to know her, you are amazed by how much she cares for the Greater Richmond community, especially those who are less fortunate than her.

We are so proud of Joley and her accomplishments, and we know she will continue her caring work for her clients at her new law firm. -Denise Kranich, Executive Director, CancerLINC

I met Joley in 2013 as part of a group of professionals aiming to help families understand how to handle real estate, finalize their estate planning documents and prepare for unexpected and drastic changes in life, including the need for Medicaid.  My real estate experience in helping families transition as they age reinforces my endorsement of Joley’s expertise as an Elder Law attorney.

It takes a special type of person to guide a family through the planning and implementation of making life-changing decisions and navigating the long-term care maze.   Joley has the patience, knowledge, and leadership skills necessary, especially when families find themselves in a critical situation.

Over the last several years, we have worked together on many occasions to provide guidance to families and to help protect the health and financial well-being they have worked so hard for.   I have witnessed the successful outcomes for many families, and I highly recommend Joley Steffens as your Elder Law attorney for your family’s legal and financial protection.- GL, ReMAX Agent, 2017